Adapting business models to capitalize on new generation of ‘co-creating’consumers

Ernst & Young  survey of current consumers reveals following trends: Traditional market segmentation no longer holds true. The ‘chameleon’ consumer has conflicting preferences and facets, which need to be accommodated. Brands are increasingly likely to influence purchasing decisions within emerging markets, unlike the mature markets where lower loyalty is challenging companies. Personalized communication and service […]

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International Day Against DRM — May 4, 2012

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a class of access control technologies that are used by hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders and individuals with the intent to limit the use of digital content and devices after sale. Use of DRM is viewed as controversal with opposing views from both sides. Companies such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft […]

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how people spend time online – Infographic

Have you ever wondered what a normal Internet user do? How do people spend their time online. What are the most popular Internet activities. What are the most visited websites? Or on What websites People Spend most of their time. infographic on “How People Spend their Time Online” will help you in finding answers to such […]

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E-Reading among adults on the rise

PEW Research Center  recently released results of a survey on e-reading titled The Rise Of E-Reading.  Here is an article in the USA Today Study: 21% of adults recently read e-book which summarizes the results. The article strarts by noting that “around 20% of adults have read an e-book since last year, and the percentage of those owning […]

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E-book – new services

As the ebooks universe continue to evolve unabated it is a challenge for librarians to keep up with e-news regarding new technologies & tools, formats,   ebook production technology, and subscription platforms. Paula Hane does a great job of keeping us up to date wtih the latest trends and challenges. In here latest article Expanding Options for Ebooks she identifies […]

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