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The internet revolutionized how people connect with information, shifting our interactions from atoms to bits. Now the devices by which we access digital content have shrunk in size and grown in power, putting the tools to find and create content in our pockets. Amidst this constantly evolving digital landscape, America’s libraries are trying to keep pace with the latest technological changes while still serving the needs and expectations of more traditional patrons.

In this presentation, internet researcher Kathryn Zickuhr  draws on data from the Pew Research Center’s nationally representative surveys and rich qualitative material to explore not only how libraries are dealing with the changing technological environment, but also the larger context of Americans’ reading and library habits, and what they expect from libraries in the future.


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Cheryl Ann Peltier-Davis is Digital Initiatives, Cataloguing and Metadata Services Librarian at the Alma Jordan Library at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago.
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