Enabling Social Change with Social Media


Source: Huffington Post – Enabling Social Change with Social Media: An Interview with Toby Daniels, the Founder of Social Media Week

Social Media Week

Social Media Week

Toby Daniels, founder of the event Social Media Week is an entrepreneur whose mission is to  bring social media tools into the hands of individuals, businesses and non profits. In his own words “”These tools [such as Twitter,  Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr] are essentially available for free, … these tools and technology are not a boundary to entry. They’re enablers.”

Daniel is doing his best to promote the tools via his company Crowdcentric the host of Social Media Week. The event which first started  in February 2009 in  NYC with about 3,000 attendees have now grown exponentially and is currently hosted in cities around the world including London, Paris, Istanbul, São Paulo and Hong Kong. According to Daniel, this push to a global audience was deliberate:   “The mission really globally is to explore how societies, cultures and economies both at the local, regional and global level are becoming more empowered by this emerging global network of communication”.

He gave kudos to non-profit organizations such as the New York Public Library which has been actively using social media to promote its services and collections. Statistics have shown that the NYPL is the top public library on Twitter and on Facebook, and has a large following on its Flickr and Tumblr pages.

“I think what [NYPL] is doing is phenomenal,”Daniel said in a recent interview. “I think it’s some of the smartest and most interesting stuff out there. I think a lot of people can learn from what you guys are doing. I don’t see very many [libraries] using social media. The future for any organization, obviously libraries included, is in being able to reach and engage your community through multiple mediums. The physical pieces will continue to be very important, but continuing to engage them elsewhere is incredibly important.”

The NEXT Social Media Week event  is scheduled for September 24-28, 2012 in the following cities: Barcelona, Berlin, Bogotá, Chicago, Glasgow, Hong Kong, Jeddah, London, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Torino’ andVancouver.

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Cheryl Ann Peltier-Davis is Digital Initiatives, Cataloguing and Metadata Services Librarian at the Alma Jordan Library at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago.
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